Software: Corel PhotoImpact X3
Author: MaryLou White and Shirley Kirk
Home Page: Wishing Well Tutorials

Title: Thorny Vine Rope Stamp
Skill Level: Intermediate
Materials Needed:
Shirley's Rope Stamp and Shirley's Tiny Flowers

Description: Use Shirley's Stamp to create a lovely thorny vine rope effect, then decorate it with her tiny little flowers. The idea for this stamp tutorial is Shirley's. She created the rope stamp and the flowers and gave me permission to write a tutorial on how to use it.

PhotoImpact X3 has several preset work modes. For this tutorial, we will be using the Full Edit mode so all of the tools in PhotoImpact will be available to you.

As you work, use your mouse to drag this along with you to mark your place.


Download Shirley's Stamp file and Shirley's Tiny Flowers. Unzip both files.
Move the stamp .ufo file to the location on your hard drive where you store your stamps.
Open PhotoImpact, and open Shirley's Tiny Flowers .ufo. Select all the flowers and drag them into your Easy Palette Library for later use.
In PhotoImpact, click on the Stamp tool Icon. A red apple should appear in the upper left on the attribute bar. Click the down arrow next to the arrow. On the dropdown men, select Add Stamp. On the window that opens, navigate to the folder where you stored the stamp, click on the stamp, click Open. The apple will change to the stamp icon.

We're going to start with the brownish colored rope that's shown in the image at the top.
  1. Open a new image in your favorite size. This tutorial is using 300x300.
  2. Using the Path tool, draw a round circle of any size. Color is not important.

  3. While your circle is still selected, click on the stamp tool and select your new stamp. Set the Scale to 25 and the Spacing to 25.

  4. On the menu, click Effect\Creative\Paint on Edges.

  5. The stamp should wrap around the circle. Delete the solid circle and you are left with a thorny looking vine or rope. Decorate to suit yourself using Shirley's flowers or your own.

The multi-color stamp is created in the same way but with a few adjustments to the stamp tool panel parameters.
  1. Open a new image. Find the heart shape in the Shapes gallery and draw a heart - any color. To make a perfect heart, hold down the shift key as you drag the mouse to create the heart.
  2. Click the Stamp tool. This will bring up the Stamp Tool Box. Change the settings to those shown below.

  3. Once again, while the heart is selected, click on Effect\Creative\Paint on Edges. Delete the original heart. Decorate the multi-colored rope heart.


Experiment with changing the parameters in the Stamp tool settings. The image below shows the settings used to create the lines. Each time a new line was drawn, the hue shifted to another color. These straight lines would be especially good for scrapbooking.

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Copyright© MaryLou White.
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