Welcome to Wishing Well Tutorials! You will find a nice selection of tutorials for PhotoImpact. Although the program has been dicontinued, people are still using PhotoImpact so we are making these tutorials available for them.

PhotoImpact PIX2 Tutorials
Easy Stitching Ruler and Guidelines Stone Age Text Thorny Vine Rope
A New Image Basic Web Set Bezier Curve Tool Capture, Crop and Save
Continue Draw Creating and Using Masks Creating and Adding Stamps Doodle Tiles Plus!
Easy Button Polkadots Spider Web Christmas Tree
Erase It! Hightlghts, Midtones and Shadows Line It Up! Managing your Easy Palette
My Stamp Gallery Old Time Photo Corners Opening an Image Outlined Text
Painting On Edges Partial Load Playing with Components Photo Filled Text
Photos to Clipart Quick Control Panel Basics Saving an Image Scaling Fill Patterns
Text on a Curve The Shape of Things Understanding Z-Merge Working With Layers
3D Clipart Animated Name Animated Snowglobe Artistic Selections
Body Painting Blended Images Business Card Color Spots Plus!
Frame it in Plaid Gingham Tiles Making Candy Metallic Clipart
Misting an Image Photo Bend Seamless Muted Tile Sparkle Fills
Stained Glass Tiles Stained Glass Images Easy Bow - PI10  

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