Software: Ulead PhotoImpact 12
Author: MaryLou White
Home Page: Wishing Well Tutorials

Title: Old Time Photo Corners
Skill Level: Beginner

Additional Files:
Photo Corners Kit

Description: Dress up your photos with trimmings from yester-year! Add an old time zig-zag edge to your photo, mount it with some old fashioned photo corners, add a drop shadow and your're done. It's easy, it's fun, and the results are images to be admired. The photo background used in this tutorial is a scan from a real photo.

PhotoImpact 12 has several preset work modes. For this tutorial, we will be using the Full Edit mode so all of the tools in PhotoImpact will be available to you.

As you work, use your mouse to drag this along with you to mark your place.


  1. Download and unzip the photo-corners kit. Open the file in PhotoImpact. Your kit will contain the following two items:

    Set it aside for the time being.

  2. Open the photo you plan to use. Make sure the data format is RGB 24bit color (Format\Data Type\RGB True Color).

  3. The photo needs to be in object format so it can easily be resized. Right-click on your photograph, Select All, Right-Click, Convert to Object.

  4. Use the Transform tool to resize the your photo to desired size. Make sure the Lock on the menu bar is locked so the picture doesn't become distorted.

  5. The background area surrounding the photo needs to be a bit larger so we have room to work. On the menu, select Format\Expand Canvas. Expand all sizes equally 50 pixels.

  6. Drag the photo background to the same workspace as your photograph. Send it to the bottom so it is under your photo.5

  7. Use the Transform tool to stretch the photo background out so it's a bit larger than your picture on all sides. Right-Click\Select All Objects. Click on the Centering box and center both ways.

  8. The background color is much too grey. Click on the backgound to select, click the Path tool, click on the Color square to bring up the Ulead Color Palette. Change the background to a much lighter color. When you're happy with your image, Right-Click\Select All Objects, Right-Click\Combine as a Single object.

  9. Use Transform tool to resize the single corner piece. It should be small enough so the inner V just covers the edge of the color part of the picture.

  10. Right-click and duplicate the corner piece. Using the flip tools on the menu, flip the object right. Duplicate, flip downward. Duplicate, flip left.

    Move the corner pieces into position on the image. Make sure there is no part of the picture edge extending beyond the photo corner.

  11. Right-click in the image, Select all object. Right-Click again and combine as a single object.

  12. Right-click and select Shadow. When the shadow menu comes up, set the values as shown below:

    When you are happy with your creation, right-click, Merge all. Use the crop tool to remove any excess areas. Save your image and you're done!

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