Software: Ulead PhotoImpact 12
Author: MaryLou White
Home Page: Wishing Well Tutorials

Title: Making Candy
Skill Level: Beginner

Description: Learn how to create realistic looking candy that you can use in other projects, especially those for Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's day, and birthdays. This is a very simple tutorial designed to familiarize you with some of the tools in PhotoImpact and how to add bumpy effects to your images.

PhotoImpact 12 has several preset work modes. For this tutorial, we will be using the Full Edit mode so all of the tools in PhotoImpact will be available to you.

As you work, use your mouse to drag this along with you to mark your place.


1. Open a new image, 300x300, transparent background.

2. Select the Path Drawing tool.
Notice that the menu bar has changed. It now shows all of the options associated with the Path Drawing Tool.

3. On the Menu Attribute Bar, click the Shape icon and select the ellipse (oval) shape. Click on the Color box, select the Ulead Color Picker. On the color menu, set the color to R=88, G=51, B=41 (hex #583329) for a nice rich dark chocolate.

Note: It is easier to type in the hex number for the color than it is to change the Red, Green, and Blue values individually. RGB value 885141 is the same color as Hex value #583329. Hex values are used when creating web pages to set the various colors.

Set the Mode to 3D Round and draw an oval (size is up to you). You should have a nice shape like the one shown. If your oval looks somewhat "flat" in the center like the first one, click on the tool settings icon and adjust the bevel by changing it to a greater number. Higher numbers "raise" the center of the object, lower numbers make it flatter.

4. Click the Transform tool. Notice that the Menu Attributes have changed again. It now shows the options avaliable with the Transform tool. Select the Perspective option on the menu.

The small boxes around the box are called nodes. Drag the top adjustment nodes inward to make the oval a bit narrower on top. You only need to drag one side, the other will go inward an equal amount. If you want a "fatter" looking piece of candy, drag the bottom nodes outward.

5. While your oval is still selected, open the Easy Palette. Select the Galleries tab, then locate the Text/Path Effects category. Select the Material Attribute group.

In order to give our candy some texture, we'll apply a "bump" from the library to the object. Find the Bump group and double-click on M13. This will add a nice texture to your oval making it look like candy.

6. To increase the depth of the bump texture, right-click on M13 bump, texture and Select Modify Properties and Apply. This will bring up the Bump options box.

The density will make the ridges "higher" on the object. Increase the Density until you are happy with the results. Inverting the bump map changes the way the bump looks on the object.


You have just completed your first delicious piece of fat-free cyber candy! Save your confection in your favorite format or drag it into your Easy Palette.

Experiment using various shapes and make a whole bowl full of candy. Try some different colors. Use different Width and Depth values for yet more variations.

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