Welcome to Wishing Well Tutorials! You'll find a variety of tutorials for PaintShop Pro, DrawPlus and PhotoImpact. More new tutorials for DrawPlus will be coming as time allows so keep checking back!

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DrawPlus Tutorials
Blend Tool X8 Custom Pages X8 Lines and Styles X8 Custom Toolbar X8
Button, Button! X8 Knife Tool X8 Join Tool X8 Roughen Tool X8
Transform Tool X8 Drawing Target X8 Coming Soon X8 Coming Soon X8

We have a large selection of PaintShopPro Tutorials in our searchable database. Give it a try! To list all of the tutorials, search for http and the search engine will display all the tutorials we have avaliable.
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PaintShop Pro X6 Tutorials
PSP Snapshots Blended Images Body Painting Capture and Crop
The Clone Brush Custom Toolbar Cutout Effect Depth of Field
Doodle Tiles Dropper Tool Easy Vectors Fun With Text
Materials Palette Misting an Image A New Image Using Patterns
Picture Frames Picture Tubes Frame it in Plaid Resizing an Image
Rulers, Grids & Guides Saving an Image Scratch Remover Using Selections
Stained Glass Text in the Round Vector Flower Seamless Tiles
Watermarking Photos

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